Venezuela có thể sớm thực hiện thu thuế bằng tiền điện tử

Venezuela’s mayors have agreed to join the government’s plan to expand Petro adoption despite the fact that some of the country’s municipalities do not have the technology to handle PTR.

The Bolivarian Mayor Council in Venezuela signed the so-called “National Tax Harmonization Agreement” for the country’s 305 municipalities, including the Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency as a means of collecting tax payments and sanctions.

Venezuela may soon implement tax collection using cryptocurrency
Venezuela may soon implement tax collection using cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in Venezuela as a result of a new campaign.

According to the government, Venezuela’s vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, will be in charge of implementing a single taxpayer register through a digital advisory tool.

She will also be in charge of creating a monitoring and information exchange system for companies to record the state’s cryptocurrency payments.

In Venezuela, there are 335 mayors, with 91% of them under the mandate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Only 30 mayors are headed by opponents of the current Venezuelan president’s regime Nicolás Maduro.

City governments not supported by Maduro are continuing to collect tax payments in Venezuelan fiat currency, as some cities do not have the proper technology to process Petro payments.

Vice President Rodríguez commented in the press release:

“It is the simplification of procedures – what makes the State’s administrative activities to serve the people more effectively, of all economic sectors that stimulates economic activities in the fields of production and trade. , given the flexible week that starts this Monday. ”

On June 11, the Venezuelan government announced that nearly 15% of all fuel payments at gas stations across the country are made in Petro (PTR). This increase comes in the first week of a new state-backed scheme to promote widespread use of national tokens.

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